‘The Lovebirds’ Trailer: Kumail Nanjiani & Issa Rae Hunt a Murderer in Upcoming Comedy

Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures has released the official trailer for upcoming comedy The Lovebirds, starring Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae.

The film follows a deeply in-love couple that hit quite the speed hump when a guy, claiming to be a cop chasing down a criminal, takes over their vehicle and proceeds to run over the supposed perp. When the killer runs off, it’s clear he was no cop, leaving our couple on the run for a murder they didn’t commit. They decide the best way out of their situation is to find the real baddie themselves.

It looks like an amiable comedy that should benefit from having Nanjiani and Rae as its stars. The diverse casting should, of course, allow for comedy that touches on race and discrimination – particularly with cops involved. Let’s hope preachiness is kept down to a minimum, though, and that the film relies more on the characters and the charm of its leads to drive the humour. So far, I’m in, and having director Michael Showalter (reuniting with Nanjiani following The Big Sick) on board provides further confidence.

The Lovebirds, also starring Anna Camp, Paul Sparks and Kyle Bornheimer, arrives in Australia on April 2 and hits the U.S. on April 3.

Official synopsis for The Lovebirds:

A couple (Issa Rae & Kumail Nanjiani) experiences a defining moment in their relationship when they are unintentionally embroiled in a bizarre crime. As their journey to clear their names takes them from one extreme – and hilarious – circumstance to the next, they must figure out how they, and their relationship, can survive the night.

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