‘The Mummy’: Russell Crowe Confirms Role in Tom Cruise-Starring Reboot

Crowe - mummy - Cruise

Who would have thought it? Russell Crowe and Tom Cruise will be starring together in a reboot of The Mummy.

Deadline reported a few days ago that Crowe was “in early talks to play a Jekyll-like role” in Universal’s Tom Cruise-starring reboot. Well, that’s now been confirmed by Crowe himself, who revealed he will in fact be playing Dr. Henry Jekyll.

jekyll-and-hyde-2“Yeah, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna play Dr. Henry Jekyll, Fellow of the Royal Society. It’s very interesting, what they’re gonna do with that stuff. I’ve had a couple of chats about it with the director (Alex Kurtzman),” Crowe said in a recent interview with Collider, confirming his key role in what is shaping up to be quite the high-profile picture.

Kurtzman is arguably best known for his screenwriting credits, which include Mission: Impossible III, Transformers, Star Trek, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. This marks his sophomore feature effort as director, following the 2012 Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks-starring drama People Like Us. He’ll be directing from a screenplay by Jon Spaihts, who co-wrote Prometheus and Marvel’s upcoming Doctor Strange.

Russell seems to be pretty pleased with what Kurtzman and co. are cooking up.

“Sure, I would imagine [Kurtzman’s] scared shitless right about now, and having a hard time sleeping because he’s got ten million things on his mind right now. But when we started talking about this idea, there were a few things I put up in the air and he picked up on them. Those kinds of creative collaborative conversations, if they’re explosive like that from the first time you start talking, and somebody says something that goes off in your mind and that bumps up something that you say and that other person bounces off of that, you’re actually in a really good place,” Crowe said.

“How they’ve pulled all of this stuff forward into a contemporary world and how they’re building it out from there, and how all of the different character interweave into each other’s stories, it’s fantastic.”

Crowe also revealed a little bit of what Universal is aiming for in tone. While the Brendan Fraser-starring Mummy franchise was more of the lively, action-adventure type, this one is apparently going to be delving more into the horror genre. This reboot, Crowe said, is “designed to seriously scare the shit out of you.”

The Mummy reboot will see Cruise playing Tyler Colt, a Navy Seal on a mission to find terrorists in Iraq when he comes face to face with the monster. Attached as the mummy is Sofia Boutella, who played Gazelle, a henchwoman with bladed prosthetic legs, in Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman: The Secret Service.

The picture is part of Universal’s unfolding monster universe, which will also include Van Helsing, The Wolf Man, The Invisible Man, and possibly Phantom Of The Opera and Creature From The Black Lagoon. This cinematic universe had its first chapter in 2014’s Dracula Untold, which received mixed reviews at best.

The new take on The Mummy will hit U.S. cinemas on June 9, 2017.

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