‘The Order’ Cancelled: Series Creator Reveals Season 3 Plot Details; Cast Reactions


It sure is a risky time to start a show that doesn’t already have multiple seasons under its belt.

The latest Netflix cancellation is supernatural series The Order, which has been axed following two seasons on the streamer. The show followed a college freshman whose journey to avenge his mother’s death finds him joining a secret society where he is thrust into a world of magic and monsters, as well as uncovering a war between werewolves and witches.

News of the cancellation was confirmed by series co-creator Dennis Heaton on social media.

“For two seasons, I was honoured to work with an incredible cast and crew on The Order for Netflix,” Heaton tweeted. “Unfortunately, we aren’t returning, but I will always cherish the memories and the props I stole. Thank you all for watching.”

While it will certainly be disappointing news for fans, at least there’s some info to go on regarding what could have unfolded in season 3. Heaton shed some light on a certain character’s return from death.

Tweeted Heaton: “Jack was totally going to raise Alyssa from the dead, but she was going to come back wrong. Like, Pet Sematary wrong. Probably possessed by Zecchia. And a whole bunch of other corpses were coming back with her.”

And regarding Vera’s lost magic, Heaton told a fan: “That was going to be a longer haul, but she’d get it back. And god help us all…”

No official reasons have been given for the show’s cancellation, but as usual it likely came down to viewership vs cost. The pandemic is also driving decisions, with production limitations now playing a part in companies cancelling shows – and even backtracking already-ordered seasons.

The cast shared their thoughts on the show’s cancellation…

Jake Manley, who played Jack Morton:


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Sarah Grey, who played Alyssa Drake:


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Adam DiMarco, who played Randall Carpio:


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Louriza Tronco, who played Gabrielle Dupres:


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and Katharine Isabelle, who played Vera Stone: