‘The Saint’ Movie Reboot Will Be Starring Chris Pine

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A new feature adaptation of Leslie Charteris’ 1920s book series The Saint is on the way – and it’s looking like Chris Pine will be starring.

Pine has entered negotiations to star in the reboot, which is to be directed by Rocketman helmer Dexter Fletcher. Variety broke the news, reporting that this will likely be Fletcher’s next film, although it remains unknown when production could get up and running with so much on hold.

Fletcher, who also directed Eddie the Eagle and was brought on to finish Bohemian Rhapsody when things fell apart with Bryan Singer, will be directing from a screenplay by Seth Grahame-Smith (The Lego Batman Movie, Dark Shadows).

If all goes smoothly, the film will have Pine playing Simon Templar, a Robin Hood-like figure who uses his skills as a thief and criminal to take on corrupt politicians, warmongers, and other baddies. Roger Moore took on the role in a 1960s television series and Val Kilmer took him to the big screen in a 1997 film from Australian filmmaker Phillip Noyce. Interestingly, another Chris was circling this reboot back in 2018: Chris Pratt.

Paramount is eyeing another potential Pine-starring franchise with The Saint. They still have him attached to a fourth Star Trek film that’s been in development for quite some time now. This could have been their third franchise with the actor, although Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit failed to kick off a series of Tom Clancy adaptations. Pine will next be seen in Wonder Woman 1984, which – for now – is scheduled to arrive in Australia on August 13 and hit the U.S. on August 14.

We’ll keep you up to date as this comes together. For now, take a look back…

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