‘The Venture Bros’ Cancelled After 7 Seasons and 17 Years

Adult Swim

Adult Swim animated series The Venture Bros. has been cancelled – seven seasons and seventeen years after it began.

The news was confirmed by series creator Christopher McCulloch, who posted on Twitter that he and the team had received “the highly disappointing news a few months ago,” during which time they were writing season eight.

The long-running series was expected to have another chapter; even McCulloch and executive producer said during Comic-Con 2018 that they were working on an eighth season that would hold ten episodes. Adult Swim, however, never officially announced it.

The pilot aired 17 years ago, which means the show was almost old enough to vote,” said James Urbaniak, who voiced a number of characters including Dr. Venture, Phantom Limb and Jonas Venture Jr. “It was one of the great gifts of my life [and] career. The fans were, quite simply, the best. Thank you, everybody. Go. Team. Venture!”

There does remain some hope for The Venture Bros. Adult Swim responded to the fan outcry with word that they are looking to “find another way to continue the Venture Bros. story.”

If this is it for the series, the show’s end will have been its season 7 finale – the 83rd episode – which aired in October 2018.