Netflix Unveils First Trailer for ‘The Witcher’ Season 2


Toss a coin to Netflix for dropping the first trailer for The Witcher season 2!

Our first look at the next chapter of the hit fantasy series has arrived in the form of a teaser trailer, which showcases a surprisingly good look at what lies ahead. Henry Cavill returns as Geralt of Rivia, who, convinced Yennefer’s (Anya Chalotra) life was lost at the Battle of Sodden, decides to take Princess Cirilla aka Ciri (Freya Allan) to the safest place he knows, his childhood home of Kaer Morhen. The battle for supremacy continues to heat up among the kings, elves, human and demons outside the walls of Kaer Morhen, but it’s soon clear that Geralt should be keeping his on eye on something that could prove far more dangerous: the power that Cirilla holds inside.

During Netflix’s first virtual WitcherCon, The Witcher showrunner and executive producer Lauren Schmidt Hissrich talked a little bit about how the relationship between Geralt and Ciri will evolve.

“It was really fun to start Season 2 thinking about, well, they’re not a family yet. How do they grow to be one? What do you do if you are a person like Geralt, who has sworn he doesn’t need anyone in the world whatsoever? And then he’s presented with a girl who is now solely in his care,” Hissrich said.

“And we have Ciri, who’s used to being under the care of people but has basically been running from everyone for an entire season and now being told that this person is going to take care of you. And so it was really fun to start Season 2 kind of them a little uncertain about how to be with each other, and they have to really grow into that. We wanted to make sure that felt like an authentic relationship, that they weren’t just bonded at the very beginning.”

Plenty of Witcher excitement ahead for Netflix. Apart from season 2, there’s also an animated prequel film, The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, and a live-action prequel series, The Witcher: Blood Origin, which will be set 1,200 years before the events of The Witcher. Michelle Yeoh and Laurence O’Fuarain have been cast in the latter.

The bad news: we still have a number of months before the next chapter arrives. The Witcher season 2 will be streaming on Netflix from December 17th. Can’t wait.

Take a look at the trailer and have a look at the second season’s official poster below it.


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