‘The Yellow Birds’ Trailer: ‘Solo’ Actor Alden Ehrenreich & Tye Sheridan in the Iraq War

Saban Films

Saban Films has released the trailer for The Yellow Birds, a war-drama starring Solo actor Alden Ehrenreich, Tye Sheridan, Toni Collette and Jennifer Aniston.

Marking the sophomore feature effort from director Alexandre Moores (Blue Caprice), The Yellow Birds follows Bartle (Ehrenreich) and the fallout of an incident he and his friend/fellow soldier Murph (Sheridan) experienced in Iraq. Collette and Aniston play their respective mothers, who are understandably keen to know exactly what went down.

It’s a strong trailer, showcasing some nice cinematography and what appear to be very strong performances from the talented cast. But while the trailer and talent look on point, the early reviews are unfortunately mixed to mediocre, with many critics suggesting that the core incident and the way it all unravels isn’t quite worth the journey. Still, you never know.  We’ll see.

The lucklustre early critical reception may have something to do with the film’s delayed release; The Yellow Birds had its premiere at Sundance in January of 2017 and will finally be getting a release exclusively on DIRECTV on May 17 through to June 13. The film will then hit On Demand and will start its limited US theatrical run on June 15. Madman will release the film in Australia on DVD on July 4.

Official synopsis for The Yellow Birds:

Against the explosive backdrop of the Iraq War, young soldiers Brandon Bartle (Alden Ehrenreich) and Daniel Murphy (Tye Sheridan) forge a deep bond of friendship. When tragedy strikes the platoon, one soldier must return home to face the hard truth behind the incident, and help a grieving mother (Jennifer Aniston) find peace. With a compelling mix of battle action and poignant drama, The Yellow Birds is an unforgettable movie whose power resonates long after the final frame.

Saban Films