Tom Hardy Reveals Why He Isn’t In Suicide Squad


Tom Hardy was in negotiations to play Rick Flagg in David Ayer’s highly anticipated Suicide Squad, but it wasn’t to be. Hardy dropped out and RoboCop‘s Joel Kinnaman came on to play Flagg. It was an unfortunate development for Hardy’s many fans, and rumours that he wasn’t actually happy with how the project was developing soon began spreading. Well, as it turns out, Hardy was totally on board and was forced to drop the project due to scheduling issues.

Talking to the folks over at Collider, Hardy revealed just how much he was looking forward to working on the film. By the way, the term ‘alley’, according to Collider, means “right up there with the best”.

“Warner Bros. is my home studio and I love them so I was really bummed out,” Hardy said.

“I wanted to work on that and I know the script is really f**king alley and I also know what’s gonna happen with The Joker and Harley Quinn in that; I won’t give away too much…it’s f**king alley. And that whole territory is something that I would certainly—I mean, everybody loves The Joker. Everybody loves The Joker. Will Smith is a dope guy, but everybody loves The Joker and that’s gonna, I think, be a very important film for fans.”

So, what kept him from playing the elite soldier in Warner Bros.’ big DC adaptation? A little movie that will see him star opposite Leonardo DiCaprio.

“There’s a very practical element as to why I’ve missed out on that foray, which is because Alejandro [González Iñárritu] has overshot by three months in Calgary, so we’ve got to go back out to Patagonia or Alaska to continue shooting The Revenant, which has turned into a much bigger beast than we thought, but that also looks exceptional.”

There you have it; The Revenant went over schedule. Iñárritu, who recently earned plenty of accolades with his Best Picture-winning film Birdman, is following it up with an adaptation of Michael Punke’s novel. The Revenant tells of a frontiersman who in the 1820s sets out on a path of vengeance against those who left him for dead after a bear mauling.

While we’re among the many that were a little disappointed when Hardy dropped out of Suicide Squad, The Revenant is high on our must-see list.

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