Here’s the #MeToo Scene Disney Has Removed from ‘Toy Story 2’

Disney / Pixar

So, there’s a moment from Toy Story 2 that you can’t see in the latest home release of the film. It’s got a “casting couch” angle to it.

In the #MeToo era and as the Harvey Weinsten of it all puts more troubling things into the spotlight, it’s understandable why Disney felt this particular scene from Toy Story 2 had to go. The moment, a faux outtake during the end credits, finds Stinky Pete the Prospector chatting to two Barbie dolls. There are still various opinions and viewpoints left in media and Hollywood when it comes to portraying sexual scenes or more taboo subjects within any TV show or film, you can learn more on about the depiction of sex in various forms of media from the past, to present day.

“And so, you two are absolutely identical?” Stinky Pete asks the girls, before holding one of them by the hand and saying, “You know, I’m sure I could get you a part in Toy Story 3.” He then realises he’s being watched and immediately changes his demeanor.

Here’s the scene:

As reported by ReRelease News, Disney has now completely removed the scene and it can’t be found on the new 4K Blu-ray or any official digital downloads.

Another big potential reason for the deletion is the fact that the film’s director, John Lasseter, has also been accused of sexual misconduct. The filmmaker stepped down from Disney in June 2018.

“I especially want to apologise to anyone who has ever been on the receiving end of an unwanted hug or any other gesture they felt crossed the line in any way, shape, or form,” Lasseter said in a statement released in November 2017. “No matter how benign my intent, everyone has the right to set their own boundaries and have them respected.”

Toy Story 4 is currently in cinemas, has an impressive 98% score on Rotten Tomatoes, and has already topped $US509 million in worldwide box office receipts. Our review can be found HERE.

Disney / Pixar

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