Trailer for The Search, from ‘The Artist’ Director Michel Hazanavicius

After directing a Best Picture winner with the delightful silent film The Artist, director Michel Hazanavicius has decided to follow it up with a film that couldn’t be more different. The Search tells the story of a woman working for a non-governmental organisation (NGO). Things get complicated when she forms a special relationship with a young boy in war-torn Chechnya. This international trailer provides a decent look at what could be a very powerful film. While certain moments do come across as slightly forced, there are snippets of scenes that may very well pack an emotional wallop. The Chechen setting provides opportunity to place a spotlight on a country that has seen some truly horrific wars, with unofficial estimates suggesting that over 50,000 civilians lost their lives in the Second Chechen War alone. Could this earn Hazanavicius anywhere near the same accolades as The Artist? Time will tell.

Starring Bérénice Béjo and Annette Bening.

Synopsis for The Search:

The Second Chechen War. 1999. THE SEARCH recounts, on a human scale, a powerful story of conflict told through four lives that will be brought together by a shocking twist of fate. After his parents are killed in their village, a small boy flees, joining the flood of refugees. He meets Carole, a European Union delegation head and little by little, with her help, he will return to life. At the same time, his elder sister Raïssa searches tirelessly for him amongst the civilian exodus. Then there’s 20-year-old Kolia… A recent Russian Army recruit, he will gradually be overwhelmed by the daily life of wartime.


The Search is screening at this year’s Cannes Film Festival and will be released in France on November 26. No other release dates have yet been announced.

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