True Detective Receiving Second Season

true detective

It appears that True Detective, HBO’s new detective-thriller starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, will be receiving a second season. Deadline has reported that HBO has signed a two-year deal with show creator and novelist Nic Pizzolatto.

Pizzolatto is preparing a draft that he will be presenting to HBO executives, with solid expectations in place that they will green-light a second season. McConaughey and Harrelson are not expected to return, as True Detective is set to focus on two new detectives, along with an entire new plot line, every season.

At last month’s TCA, Pizzolatto spoke about what the show would evolve into if it were to continue past its initial season: “I tried to make the format as broad for my tastes as possible in the sense that this is almost the True Detective version of a buddy‑cop movie hunting for a serial killer. And there could be a season that’s much more of a widespread conspiracy thriller, a season that’s a small‑town murder mystery, a season where nobody is murdered and it’s a master criminal versus a rogue detective or something.”

HBO won the rights to the series in an all-out bidding war two years ago, and it’s certainly paying off. The series has brought in more than 7.7 million viewers to date on various platforms, while giving the network its highest-watched debut in more than three years.

Source: Deadline