Tubi Australia: 3 New Arrivals for You to Watch for Free in August 2021

Left, ‘Twisted House Sitter’. Right, ‘Regular Old Bogan’

Australia: Take a look at three titles – two original movies and one animated series exclusive – up on FREE, ad-supported streaming service TUBI in the month of August 2021!

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Starring Crystal-Lee Naomi (“Sistas”) and Jennifer Freeman (“My Wife and Kids”), Twisted House Sitter follows work-obsessed social media guru Morgan (Freeman) who decides to embark on a digital detox vacation after her long-term relationship ends. On her trip to the airport, she accidentally leaves her keys behind in a rideshare car, giving driver Alicia (Naomi) a golden opportunity to have a taste of Morgan’s lavish life. While she’s out of town, Alicia takes up residence in Morgan’s mansion, steals her clothes, and has a free-for-all online shopping spree using Morgan’s credit cards and laptop. But when Morgan unexpectedly returns home from vacation early, Alicia isn’t ready to give up her new taste of luxury. Written by Daniel Whidden (“Backstage”) and directed by Courtney Miller (“Saints & Sinners”), Twisted House Sitter also stars Ali Amin Carter (“The Good Lord Bird”), Kareem Lewis (“Queen Sugar”), Tyler Kay Whitley (“Bigger”) and Suzanne Salhaney (“Cobra Kai”).

Available exclusively on Tubi, adult animation series Regular Old Bogan revolves around the adventures of a typical family from the outer suburbs – the Stubbs. Created by two Aussies, Mark Nicholson and Sebastian Peart, the series draws in the likes of South Park fans with it’s witty dialogue and 2D animation. Rather than sitting at home firing up the barbie and talking about the latest specials at ALDI, this regular family encounters outrageous situations in each episode – from getting lost in the outback, to facing Death Row in a Balinese prison. Airing in 2020, Regular Old Bogan is currently in its first season.

  • Swim (Tubi Original) – Launching 13th August

A Tubi Original, Swim follows a family trapped in their storm-flooded vacation rental who must keep going further and further up to higher floors as they seek to escape a hungry shark that’s made its way into the house. Starring Joey Lawrence (“Blossom”) and directed by Jared Cohn (“Shark Season”) and the producers of “Sharknado,” Swim is a disaster-thriller that will have viewers on the edge of their seat. The film also stars Jennifer Field (“Artificial”), Andy Lauer (“Caroline in the City”) and Rib Hillis (“Extreme Makeover: Home Addition”).

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