Sony Moving Forward with ‘Venom’ Sequel, Writer Chosen

Sony Pictures

In no way surprising, Sony Pictures is moving ahead with a sequel to Venom.

The Tom Hardy-starring film has earned over $US855 million from a $US100 million budget, paving the way for an expanding universe. Sony has hired Kelly Marcel, who was one of Venom‘s three screenwriters (alongside Jeff Pinker and Scott Rosenberg), to write the sequel’s script.

Variety broke the news of Marcel’s hiring, reporting that her deal to stay on with the franchise “was a significant one”. Marcel will also be on board as executive producer; she was one of the producers on the first.

Hardy will be continuing on as Eddie Brock, Michelle Williams is expected to be back as love interest Anne Weying, and Woody Harrelson will be starring as Carnage, who we met in Venom‘s credit scene.

There’s no word as yet on who will be directing the follow-up. There’s a small chance Ruben Fleischer will be back in the director’s chair, although it’s unlikely since he’s going to be busy with another sequel, Zombieland 2.

While no official date has been handed to Venom 2, many are assuming this sequel will be the untitled Marvel film Sony has scheduled for release in October 2020. It’s a fitting date, since Venom was released in October of 2018.

Sony Pictures