Watch a Game of Thrones VFX Breakdown of the Huge ‘Hardhome’ Battle

While season 5 of Game of Thrones took a bit of time to get going, the last few episodes contained some of the show’s biggest moments thus far.

Yes, we’re still reeling at the shock death in the momentous final episode, and there were more than a few disturbing elements that unfolded in the last few episodes that we’re sure have done something to our internal system, but there was arguably no better episode in terms of action-packed gusto than that of season 5 episode 8, Hardhome.

A fantastic collision of no-holds-barred violence, CGI, and beautiful choreography, the battle against the Army of the Dead was truly spectacular. It would’ve been a huge standout in a big-budget cinematic release, let alone a television episode.

El Ranchito, the visual effects company that helped bring this awesomeness to life, has unveiled a great 5-minute look at some of the elements behind the huge sequence. It’s great, to be sure, but at this point we’ll be taking everything we can while we count away the days until season 6 hits our screens.

game of thrones - jon snow - hardhome

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