Watch: Bruce Willis Returns as John McClane in Action-Packed ‘Die Hard’ … Batteries Commercial

Advance Auto Parts, Carquest

If you’ve been dying for more Die Hard… perhaps this may serve as a small reprieve from the wait?

Bruce Willis has reprised the role of wrong-place-wrong-time badass John McClane in a big new commercial for the conveniently named DieHard Battery, being sold in the US at Advance Auto Parts and Carquest. Die Hard nods abound in the big-budget advert, as Willis reunites with some familiar faces from the franchise (De’voreaux White as limo driver Argyle and Clarence Gilyard Jr. as bad guy Theo) for a two-minute action short that has him diving through glass, crawling through a vent, and delivering a baddie an explosive payoff in a car chase.

Willis has been putting out a good number of movies over the last few years, although they’re most certainly of a, shall we say, different quality from the films of his heyday. If you’re interested, look up trailers for 2016-2020 Willis titles such as Reprisal, Air Strike, 10 Minutes Gone, Trauma Center, Survive the Night and Hard Kill.

As for this: a fun branding exercise that could have been a Super Bowl commercial or a ‘look how far they’ve fallen’ cash-in? You decide.

Image credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer