Watch the Bizarre Honest Trailer a Robot Made for Honest Trailers

“So suit on and strap up, for this under-water teen adventure that makes The Smurfs look like a f**kin masterpiece.”

Fans of Screen Junkies’ Honest Trailers, the popular YouTube video series that satirizes and parodies films and TV shows, have long been asking the team to create an Honest Trailer that pokes fun at themselves. Well, they’ve delivered, although it’s not quite what many would have expected.

The Screen Junkies team got the folks at Botnik Labs to use predictive artificial intelligence (think: the type of predictive tech you have on your phone, which learns and provides suggestions on what it thinks you want to type next) to analyse every script from past Honest Trailers and craft a new one mocking their tropes and formula. The result is… bizarre. It’s also pretty funny, confusing, and kind of awesome… maybe. Who knows.