Watch Nicolas Cage Breaking Down Some of His Biggest Roles

Ah, the Cage.

From Moonstruck and Vampire’s Kiss, to Con Air and Face/Off, to recent stand-out, brutally beautiful film Mandy, Nicolas Cage has long been one of cinema’s most captivating personas. Even if some of his home entertainment-release choices in recent years haven’t exactly been inspired, Cage has nevertheless remained a hard-working, enticing figure in the industry, and he manages to almost always hold your attention when on screen.

The Oscar-winning actor takes a look back at some of his biggest roles in an entertaining Character Breakdown video for GQ. He provides some very entertaining insight into a number of roles on his extensive list of credits, including Raising Arizona (basing his character on Woody Wood Pecker), Leaving Las Vegas (taking a big influence from Albert Finney and having an alcoholic on set to draw inspiration from), Adaptation (“It was the most challenging thing I’ve ever done.”), and Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (going nuts at filmmaker Werner Herzog).

It’s a fun watch, and a must see for fans of both Cage and cinema overall. Mandy, by the way, really is very good and finds Cage in peak form. You can check out our review right HERE.

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