Watch: Sacha Baron Cohen Pranks Rightwing Rally with Racist Sing-Along


Sacha Baron Cohen is back at it.

The controversial comedian, actor and master of disguise has apparently dressed up as a singer of a band and taken to the stage at a Conservative rally, “March for Our Rights 3,” in Washington. The meet-up was organised by far-right militia group the Washington Three Percenters, with a reported 500 in attendance. No prizes for guessing that the song he belted out wasn’t exactly politically correct. Although, it was just right for some, it seems.

“Corona is a liberal hoax” and “Obama, what we gotta do, inject him with the Wuhan flu” were just some of the lyrics sang out, and as you can see in the videos below, Cohen managed to get a number of those in attendance to cheer and sing along. “Who wants to chop ‘em up like the Saudis do?”

Washington city council member James Connor Blair wrote on Facebook that Baron Cohen performed in disguise “as a PAC [Political Action Committee] out of Southern California.”

He reportedly even went so far as to hire the event’s security, who ensured that he could not be pulled off stage and the power could not be cut. And that’s not all. He apparently returned afterwards, in disguise as a person looking to interview people.

Baron Cohen has yet to make an official statement about the event. Nor is there any word on whether or not this is connected to his Showtime series Who is America?, which ran for seven episodes in 2018 and saw the Ali G and Borat star dressed up as various characters in order to explore the USA’s political and cultural spectrum.

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