Watch Terry Crews Discuss His 10 Most Iconic Roles

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Terry Crews fans, you’ll want to check this one out.

The NFL player turned actor has taken on a number of memorable roles of the years, even if he hasn’t quite reached the level of Hollywood leading man. “I would much rather have a tiny role in an awesome movie, than to be the head guy in something that’s just ehhh,” Crews says in a fun new video delivered by GQ, where he discusses the 10 roles that have helped form his career.

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He talks about his parts in Training Day, The Expendables, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, among others, providing some insightful factoids along the way. We learn that The Expendables, for example, was close to having a straight-to-home entertainment release and that he originally had a very small part in it, until he changed his attitude and Stallone wrote him a pivotal scene. He also thought that Idiocracy would be a massive hit and would be his big breakout, until it proved to be a huge flop, which he says may have something to do with the amount of companies being featured in a negative light.

Crews is a downright likeable guy, and his positive, go get ’em’ attitude certainly comes across here. Enjoy.

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