Watch Willem Dafoe Breaking Down His Big Career: ‘Spider-Man’, ‘Platoon’, ‘Antichrist’ & More


Willem Dafoe’s career boasts quite the diverse range of films.

The four-time Oscar-nominated actor has been knocking out roles for close to forty years now; his first IMDB listing is an uncredited part in Michael Cimino’s 1980 film Heaven’s Gate. A new ‘Iconic Characters’ video released by GQ finds Dafoe talking about some of the key films that have made his career, and it’s a must-see for his fans.

From Oliver Stone’s Platoon, which he had him and the crew undertaking quite the training period; to Spider-Man, where he had fun juggling the comedy and seriousness that Sam Raimi wanted in scenes; to Lars Von Trier’s controversial Antichrist, which he calls one his favourite experiences on film; to Shadow of the Vampire, which offered him freedom with imitation (Max Schreck took on the role in the 1922 original) and had him enter an argument with producer Nicolas Cage; among others.

Dafoe is up for his fourth Oscar nomination for his great performance as painter Vincent van Gogh in Julian Schnabel’s At Eternity’s Gate, which is currently screening in select Aussie cinemas and opened in the US on November 16.

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