Watch: The Moment Zack Snyder & Henry Cavill Announced ‘Justice League’ Snyder Cut to Fans

Showing the power that a fanbase can have, #ReleasetheSnydercut has prevailed.

Yes, around four years after Justice League hit cinemas, we’ll actually be able to watch the version that Zack Snyder intended. The filmmaker broke the internet with his announcement that his cut of the Warner Bros. DC film would be hitting new streaming service HBO Max in 2021. You can get further details from our initial write-up right HERE.

Snyder broke the exciting news to fans following an online screening of Man of Steel, with special guest Henry Cavill, and we’ve got the whole stream for you to watch below. You an also check out the edited promo of the announcement that HBO Max released.

Here’s the complete stream. Jump to 2:57:40 to watch the news unfold and the fans react…

And here’s HBO Max’s promo…


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