Wesley Snipes Teases “Possibility” of a New ‘Blade’ Movie


It would be quite a sight to have Blade kicking ass alongside the other members of the MCU.

Blade fans are understandably keen to see the Daywalker get a new Marvel outing, or at least join up with one of the many heroes roaming throughout the MCU. And of course, Wesley Snipes himself is keen as hell to revisit the vampire hunter.

Snipes took to Twitter to tease the “possibility” of him getting those fangs back on:

We’re a long way from a confirmation, and it remains to be seen if Marvel wants Snipes back as Blade or if they want to reboot the character with a new actor. “Balls in Marvels court” could be construed as Snipes now waiting on word from the studio following meetings, but that’s purely speculation.

Interestingly, instead of placing him in the MCU’s big-screen chapters, there’s a chance Marvel wants to put the gritty hero in their unfolding Netflix universe instead.

According to Movie Creed Live‘s sources, Blade, Ghost Rider, and Moon Knight will likely be taken to Netflix. It does make sense, considering the more adult, violent leanings afforded by the streaming giant. Could we be seeing Snipes’ Blade in a Netflix series alongside Jon Bernthal’s The Punisher?

We’ll keep you informed.


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