‘Who Is America?’: New Sacha Baron Cohen Show Arrives in a Few Days; Watch the Teaser Trailer

The buzz has been building for Sacha Baron Cohen’s mystery new series. Well, now we know a little more about it, including exactly when it will arrive.

After having dropped a couple of intriguing promos, Showtime has officially announced that Cohen’s new series is titled Who Is America? and will premiere in the US on July 15 at 10 pm. Great news for Australia: Stan has the exclusive Australian rights and will be releasing episodes the same day as the US. The series premieres on Stan on Sunday, July 15, at 3pm.

Who Is America? will run for seven episodes and will explore the diverse individuals, from the infamous to the unknown across the political and cultural spectrum, who populate the United States of America. A recent teaser Cohen released came with the quote “Imagine if Sacha Baron Cohen had been undercover secretly filming a new show for a year,” which suggests we’ll be meeting a new persona from the man that previously brought us Ali G, Borat and Bruno. There are no details on whether it’s one new character, or perhaps a new character per episode.

In an era with Trump as President and the US highly divided, it’s arguably the perfect time for Cohen to return with his stir-the-pot brand of satirical humour.

“Sacha is a comedic genius who shocks you with his audacity, bravery and inventiveness,” David Nevins, President and CEO of Showtime Networks Inc., said in a statement.

“He is the premier provocateur of our time, but not for the sake of ‘gotcha’ moments. Behind the elaborate setup is a genuine quest for the truth about people, places and politics. Nobody knows how to cause a stir like Sacha Baron Cohen, and it’s going to be fascinating to watch what happens when Who Is America? is released on the world.”

Cohen is credited as creator, writer, director and executive producer of the series, with fellow exec producers including Anthony Hines, Todd Schulman, Andrew Newman, Dan Mazer and Adam Lowitt.

Check out the teaser trailer below:

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