Will Ferrell Making ‘Eurovision’ Movie for Netflix

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Will Ferrell is the latest big-name star jumping on the Netflix bandwagon.

He’s tackled competitive ice skating in Blades of Glory, NASCAR in Talladega Nights, and basketball in Semi Pro. Next up, Ferrell will be grabbing the mic and heading to the Eurovision Song Contest. The actor has joined up with streaming giant Netflix to write and star in Eurovision, a comedy set around the popular televised music competition. Deadline has broken the news.

Eurovision will be co-written by Andrew Steele, who penned Ferrell comedy Casa de mi Padre, with Ferrell and Jessica Elbaum producing via Gary Sanchez Productions. Adam McKay, Ferrell’s longtime collaborator whose many directorial credits include both Anchorman movies, is on board as executive producer.

No plot details have been released for Eurovision, although you can imagine Ferrell and co. will be having plenty of fun with the wild, often ‘out there’ acts and songs. The hugely popular festival kicked off in Switzerland in ’56 and has spawned a number of big careers, including Celine Dion and ABBA.

If Eurovision goes well, expect to see more Netflix films come from the Ferrell camp. Ferrell’s Gary Sanchez was also behind the comedy Ibiza, which hit Netflix in late May.

And now, ladies and gentlemen… Mr. Will Ferrell.

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