Will Poulter Cast as Evil Clown in ‘It’ Remake


New Line Cinema’s upcoming two-part film adaptation of Stephen King’s It has cast its evil clown, Pennywise.

True Detective director Cary Fukunaga will be directing Will Poulter, the young actor known for his roles in We’re the Millers and The Maze Runner, in the role of the lead monster.

According to Variety’s sources, it was Poulter’s impressive audition that ultimately got him the part. After taking into consideration older actors, such as Mark Rylance and Ben Mendelsohn, New Line decided to “take a different route and go younger”.

Tim Curry played Pennywise in a miniseries adaptation back in 1991.

King’s original story – running a lengthy 900 pages – tells of a group of kids who are haunted by an evil clown. Fukunaga’s take on the story is said to be staying true to the King’s book, telling the story in two parts: the first film will focus on the kids, the second film will see them as adults.

Fukunaga, also known for Sin Nombre and Jane Eyre, has penned both films alongside David Kajganich and Chase Palmer. As of now, he’s only attached to direct the first.

Before we see Fukunaga’s take on It, we’ll be seeing his adaptation of Uzodinma Iweala’s Beasts of No Nation. That one, telling the story of a child soldier fighting in the civil war of an unnamed African country, stars Idris Elba and had its worldwide distribution rights acquired by streaming giant Netflix.

Poulter’s career is clearly on the up and up. Apart from scoring the lead in It, he’ll be starring with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy in Alejandro G. Inarritu’s, The Revenant.

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