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Now and Again is a truly underrated television series.

We were just talking about this television series here at the office the other week, and then, boom, Via Vision Entertainment contacts us with an opportunity to give away DVD copies of the entire series to some lucky Australia-based readers. We jumped at the chance.

Created by Glenn Gordon Caron (Medium), Now and Again told the story of Michael Wiseman, a man who is killed in a tragic subway accident. He’s gone, that is until the U.S. Government covertly keeps his brain going and places it into a new, genetically bio-engineered body (Eric Close). They’ve got plans for him, but he just wants to get back to his grieving wife and daughter.

The series didn’t last too long, with moderate ratings unfortunately leading CBS to call it quits in 2000. The show still has a loyal following years later, and with good reason. Now and Again had a truly fun tone, balancing heart with slick action and a focus on character.

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