‘Wonder Woman 1984’: New Trailer Arrives as DC Sequel Receives Same-Day Cinema & Streaming U.S. Release Date

Warner Bros.

A new trailer has arrived for delayed DC movie Wonder Woman 1984, which we now know will be receiving a simultaneous theatrical and streaming release in the US.

Warner Bros. will be releasing the Gal Gadot-starring sequel in US cinemas on December 25th – the same day it hits US streaming service HBO Max, where it will be available for one month. HBO Max users will be happy to know that, unlike Disney+’s release of Mulan, Wonder Woman: 1984 will be made available for all users of the service and will not be put behind a premium paywall.

More on the film’s new release plan in a moment, but first, check out the new trailer!

Director Patty Jenkins released a statement on Twitter urging fans to see the film in cinemas, “where it is safe to do so,” and pointed out the work that theatres are putting in to meet health protocols during this pandemic.

Said Gadot: “It wasn’t an easy decision and we never thought we’d have to hold on to the release for such a long time but COVID rocked all of our worlds.”

With so much of the US still greatly affected by COVID, a large number of cinemas remain closed across many states. Even with those open, the studio would have to take into account the sizeable audience that would choose to avoid theatre gatherings. Ultimately, the decision to simultaneously release the film on HBO Max is understandable, particularly without the certainty of reprieve from COVID on the US horizon. With release and revenue streams available (whatever they may be), it appears the studio figured there’s no point holding on much longer.

For the rest of the world, Wonder Woman 1984 begins hitting select countries on December 16th. In Australia, the film will be released by Roadshow Films in cinemas on December 26th.

Patty Jenkins (left) and Gal Gadot (right) | Warner Bros.