Zack Snyder to Direct Justice League Movie

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Yes, it’s officially going to happen. Warner Bros. has confirmed that they are set to make a Justice League picture and that Man of Steel’s Zack Snyder shall be at the helm. Warner Bros. president of worldwide production Greg Silverman confirmed the news to The Wall Street Journal, saying, “It will be a further expansion of this universe. Superman vs. Batman will lead into Justice League.”

There hasn’t been an official release date announced, but the film is expected to be released before 2018. Even though Man of Steel was met with a mixed response, Warner Bros. seems more than happy with director Snyder. The director is also directing Man of Steel’s follow-up Batman vs. Superman, which is to be released May 6, 2016.

Borys Kit, writer for THR, tweeted the following:

WB has refused to reveal which other heroes will be in the film, but Henry Cavill is expected to return as Superman, alongside Ben Affleck’s Batman and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. There’s also no word on whether or not a screenplay has been made, or who’s to pen the picture.

DC Comics’ original Justice League was made up of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and the Martian Manhunter. Superman and Batman are in safe cinematic territory and will no doubt be Warner Bros’ lead characters as they move forward with their universe, while the success of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman remains to be seen. Production has begun on The Flash TV series, starring Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/Flash, so he could very well be incorporated in the Justice League picture. Green Lantern hasn’t fared so well, with the 2011 film starring Ryan Reynolds generally considered an all-round poor effort. We’ll see if WB decides to give that character another shot. The recent announcement of Ray Fisher’s casting as Cyborg in Batman vs. Superman came with the news that the character would “become much more significant as Warner and DC develop more films related to the Justice League universe.”

Warner Bros. is clearly itching to catch up to Disney’s Marvel Studios, who haven’t faltered with box-office hits every year. Warner Bros. did very well with Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, but films like Green Lantern and Jonah Hex haven’t exactly done them any favours. It’s certainly exciting to see a Justice League picture given the official go-ahead, but is Warner Bros. jumping the gun a little too early? We’ll see…

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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