“I’d Destroy the Movie”: Zack Snyder Says “No Chance” New ‘Justice League’ Will Have Joss Whedon Footage

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So, that’s a negative?

The Snyder Cut has had a spotlight during the Comic-Con online event that’s been going on during the past few days. There were a few little gems for fans, such as a look at Henry Cavill in his black Superman suit. Another little eyebrow-raiser came with Snyder discussing if much of the theatrically released cut of Justice League, which was crafted with the help of filmmaker Joss Whedon (Avengers), would be seen in the highly anticipated Snyder Cut.


“There would be no chance on earth that I would use a shot that was made prior, er, after I left the movie. I’d destroy the movie, I would set it on fire before I would use a single frame that I did not photograph,” Snyder said during the live stream. “That is a f***ing hard fact.”

Furthermore: “I literally would blow that f***ing thing up if I thought for a second. Anything you see in this movie which reminds you of the other theatrical release – which, famously I have not, I literally have never seen – would be because that was a thing I had done, and he borrowed for whatever that monster [was] that you guys saw in the theatre.”

The now infamous production of Justice League saw Snyder leave due to a family tragedy and Whedon brought on to finish the film. With Warner Bros. also intervening creatively, the result was… not great.

While Snyder says he has yet to see the cut we all did, it’s clear he’s seen and heard more than enough to know just how far the final product was from his original intention. Combine what Whedon (and WB) crafted with the fact that Whedon has been coming under fire of late for allegedly bad behaviour on the JL set, and it’s very easy to read some bad blood with those Snyder comments.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League will be premiering on HBO Max sometime in 2021. Check out the ‘Spotlight on Zack Snyder Panel’ below; the Cavill black suit scene is at around the 31:43 mark.

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