Zoe Saldana Joins ‘I Kill Giants’ Movie


The big-screen adaptation of I Kill Giants, the much-loved graphic novel by Joe Kelly and Ken Niimura, has added Zoe Saldana in an important role.

I Kill Giants tells the story of Barbara, a young outsider girl who is convinced that giants are coming and that it is her responsibility to stop them. These thoughts seep into her reality.

Saldana has been cast as a school psychologist who endeavours to help Barbara face her internal and external threats.

Barbara will be played by Madison Wolfe, a rising actress who’s had small roles in True Detective, The Astronaut Wives Club and upcoming biopic Trumbo.

The film is to mark the feature directorial debut for Anders Walter, who took home an Academy Award for his work at the helm of drama-fantasy short film Helium. We’ve included the trailer for Helium, and it’s clear to see why Walter was chosen; the short film tells the story of a dying young boy who finds happiness by escaping to a magical fantasy world.

Author Joe Kelly has adapted the novel for the big screen.


Source: THR

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