‘Zombieland 2’ is Finally Going Ahead

Sony Pictures Releasing

It’s taken around ten years, but the long-gestating sequel to Zombieland is finally going ahead.

Sony Pictures has locked in the cast of the original film, including Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg and Abigail Breslin, for a sequel that will also bring back original director Ruben Fleischer. Fleischer, by the way, is also at the helm of the upcoming Venom movie, led by Tom Hardy.

THR broke the news, reporting that Sony is lining up the sequel for an October 2019 release, which would coincide with the 10-year anniversary of the first film’s US release. Cameras will reportedly begin rolling in January 2019.

Much of the creative team behind the original film is back. Apart from director Fleischer, the sequel will also see the return of screenwriters Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese (who have enjoyed hits with the Deadpool films) and producer Gavin Polone.

Zombieland told of four individuals – a geeky student (Eisenberg), a gun-toting tough guy (Harrlson), and a pair of sisters (Stone & Breslin) – that find themselves forming a bond amid a post-apocalyptic zombie outbreak.

The sequel, according to THR, will…

… once again put the focus on comic mayhem, taking the quartet from the White House to the American heartland as they face off against new kinds of zombies that have evolved since the first movie, as well as some new human survivors. But, most of all, according to the studio, they have to face the growing pains of their snarky, makeshift family.

“This is one of those projects that fans have wanted to see happen for a long time — and no one wanted to see it happen more than Emma, Woody, Jesse and Abigail,” Columbia Pictures president Sanford Panitch said in a statement.

“These are some of the most in-demand actors, and I think they are making this movie because they love these characters. We are thrilled Ruben was willing to come back to direct the sequel, as his work on Venom has been truly amazing.”

Zombieland earned $US102.3 million worldwide from a budget of $US23.6 million and was well received by audiences and critics alike.